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International Shipping and Containerized Cargo Transportation.

The main activity of the “UkraMarin” transport company is an international and domestic sea transportation. To meet the needs of customers when it comes to "door to door" delivery, the “UkraMarin” company provides personalized service and offers the most effective solutions for everyone.

We can deliver goods worldwide. Quite often our company gets orders for shipping from China, Korea and Turkey.

Our personnel always makes first step in contact with clients. Here you can consult your questions related to freight, custom clearance, certification and insurance of your cargo. Working with valuable, fragile, oversized cargo, we have achieved a sufficient experience and we have developed the most effective scheme for the cargo delivery. For example, oversized cargo is carried out using a special technique for elaborate route. This procedure requires all the necessary permissions from road services. Professionals working in our company create solutions that reduce the time and cost of oversized cargo transportation. According to the law oversized cargo can be moved only in presence of all necessary documents and in compliance with determined rules. “UkraMarin” provides professional custom services. We will be eager to answer any questions about transportation of your cargo.

There are following sea shipment services available for our customers:

  • customs clearance;
  • competitive sea freight rates;
  • road transportation;
  • container shipping;
  • compliance with hygienic conclusions, phytosanitary permits, veterinary permits, etc;
  • execution of permissive and port documents for import and export of goods, certificates of origin, other certificates;
  • intra-port forwarding in the Odessa and Illichivsk ports, complete execution of all documents flow;
  • cargoes delivery from China, Turkey, Korea, the United States and other countries;
  • forwarding and international container transportation.

To apply for container shipping or customs clearance, please visit the "Contacts" page and send a message with information about loads, time and destination of delivery.

Professional service could help you to avoid problems and reduce the cost and time of delivery.