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Customs clearance of cargoes

Сustoms clearance means the set of actions that are necessary for the successful goods movement across border.

The consequences of improper or untimely customs clearance can be severe - from the imposition of penalties ending with the arrest or detention, followed by goods confiscation.

Conducting of all activities in customs clearance requires complex skills in the field of customs, tax and currency legislation. The specialists of "UkraMarin" company are not only possess all required skills, but also they have the experience of goods declaration. Our company conducts regular monitoring of the situation in the Ukrainian legislation, and always timely accounts all changes in the process of customs clearance for your goods.

The competence level of our staff allows to make the process of "customs clearance" quickly, efficiently and always in accordance with applicable law.

Customs clearance of cargoes in Ukraine in 2015 (Import Export)   

Get rid of anxiety and save your precious time - ask for Customs Clearance Services of LLC "UkraMarin".

Whole execution process is divided into the following stages:

  • study of the various customs regimes;
  • calculation of all required customs duties;
  • preparation of customs declarations;
  • preparation and execution of all necessary permits for import / export
  • preparation of necessary certificates and permits to transport depending on the type of transported goods;
  • selection of the most appropriate customs clearance option;
  • selection of codes according to UQFTG (Ukrainian qualifier foreign trade goods);
  • supply all of the documents to the customs authorities.

Customs clearance of goods  

Our specialists will share the most important international trade rules with you that will help you avoid unplanned and unpleasant extra cost.

LCC "UkraMarin" will represent your interests in the bodies of customs control and will be able to solve all the complex issues related to customs clearance of your goods.

Our many years of experience in the field of customs clearance services allows to implement all stages of the execution process at a decent level and in a short time.

Execution of Customs documents

Cooperation with our company always means a professional approach. We carry out all undertaken obligations. You can be sure about the quality of all documents and timely payment of customs duties.

If you are going to carry out foreign economic activity, for sure, there will arise such an important issue as customs clearance of goods on your way. Customs declaration is a prerequisite of legitimate trade and the implementation of import-export operations.

Professional Clearance of Customs documentation

To make your cargo overcame all obstacles on the way to the warehouse without any problems, you need coordinated work of a team of specialists. The company "UkraMarin" offers brokerage services for customs clearance. Execution of relevant documents is a long and very specific procedure, late or incorrect documents execution process can get very serious consequences, starting from fines and ending with arrest and confiscation of the goods. The specialists of "UkraMarin" company are not only possess all required skills, and also conduct regular monitoring of the situation in the Ukrainian legislation, that always allows timely account all changes in the process of customs clearance for your goods. Customs clearance services include, first of all, consultation, preparation of accompanying documents and permits, regarding the transportation of goods abroad, cargo declaration and documents execution in the customs authorities.

«UKRAMARIN» - customs clearance assistance

Specialists will help to carry out such a complicated procedure of customs clearance. Process and execution of customs clearance have a lot of nuances. Typically, the clearance is completed in 4 hours after the declaration and necessary documents submission. However, in practice, it’s not so simple, import customs clearance and export customs clearancerequire a thorough knowledge of tax, customs and currency legislation, an individual approach, the ability to interact with customs and regulatory authorities. Depending on the required customs regime (import, export, transit) and features of its cross-border movement, experts define an optimal scheme of “how to carry out” customs clearance, the procedure for documents filing, charging customs duties etc. Only a customs broker can professionally approach for this. Many companies seek cooperation to "UkraMarin", seeing that it is better to trust the specialists in issues of customs clearance services. And also it's not always wise to equip the customs department within your own company because this entails increased financial costs and staff. Therefore, a more rational way is to resort to the help of professionals.

Customs clearance of cargoes «turnkey»

Customs clearance of cargoes (Ukraine) "turnkey" implies that the broker takes care of all obligations, and accompanies foreign trade transactions, ranging from the preparation of documents for customs clearance of cargoes and ending with it’s release for free circulation. Understanding the rules of design documentation and knowledge of the legislation guarantee customs clearance (Kiev) with minimal financial and time costs.

Customs clearance (2014) by "UkraMarin" saves your time, you get the opportunity to devote your strength to solve your current problems. Years of experience and specialist knowledge of the legislation guarantee that (Ukraine) customs clearancewill take place at the highest level and your cargo will be timely delivered to the point of destination. Cooperation with "UkraMarin" is a guarantee of reliability and quality, this is evidenced by excellent reputation and years of experience in the market.