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Special mode cargoes(Citrus/Fruits/Vegetables)

All mode cargoes are divided into two main classes: perishable and non-perishable.

Both classes have also their subclasses depending on need of breathability during transit.

Also mode cargoes are organized by categories, depending on their particular properties and characteristics.

Perishable cargoes

These cargoes need certain regimes of ambient temperature, level of humidity and ventilation during their storage and transportation. There are two types of perishable cargoes - refrigerated and non-refrigerated.

It’s necessary to use special trailers and glaciers for transportation of all types of perishable cargoes.

Moreover, perishable goods are subdivided depending on the method of heat treatment:

  • Fresh cargoes are not subject to heat treatment to save their most natural state.
  • Chilled cargoes are subject to heat treatment in the temperature range from -6 ° C to + 4 ° C.
  • Deep frozen cargoes are subject to heat treatment at -18 ° C and below.
  • Heated cargoes: their temperature is higher than environment temperature.

You should always take into account that the environment parameters can significantly affect the temperature regime inside the body. For example, you should “warm” your cargo instead of cooling it at much too low environment temperatures. That means the temperature inside the refrigerator should be maintained at a level higher than the outside air temperature.

Perishable cargoes are:

  • stored blood, various vaccines, medicines, serum, human organs, frozen embryos;
  • products of animal origin - meat of birds and animals, chilled or smoked fish and seafood, eggs, caviar;
  • products of vegetable origin - fruits, vegetables, berries, citrus;
  • live plants, seeds, tubers, flowers;
  • processed products - frozen vegetables and fruits, meat and sausages, cheese, butter, fats, canned foods, dairy products;
  • live material for fish stocking - live caviar, fry, yearlings.

Our company has extensive experience in transportation of perishable goods.

The company "UkraMarin" has a great experience and all necessary equipment for the transportation of cargoes with special modes. And also, close relationship with shipping lines enable us to obtain the best conditions for the use of refrigeration equipment.