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International container transportation

Container shipping is a transportation of goods over long distances in removable metal containers. Typically, this type of transportation is carried out in several stages and is used for various types of transport (ship, cars, railway platforms).

What is the benefit of container transportation?

Container transportation is widely popular among consumers due to several factors, such as:

  • Reduced price of transportation despite the fact of using different types of vehicle.
  • The probability of cargo damage is reduced to zero.
  • Time saving during loading and reloading, because all containers have standard dimensions.
  • Product is protected from the impact of weather.

Help in international transportation

An obligatory part of Transportation & Delivery of goods across the border is customs clearance. Legislation clearly establishes the sequence of this procedure:

  • Checking statements and all necessary documentation.
  • Inspection of cargo.
  • Accounting for goods and vehicles that cross the border of Ukraine.

It is difficult to independently carry out this procedure, because it requires especial knowledge of the legislation. Therefore it is worth to make an application to specialized transportation companies that provide international maritime transportation, as well as help in customs clearance.

A significant part of the goods arrives to Ukraine via three largest and most important ports: Ilyichevsk, Odessa and Yuzhny. International container shipping "from" and "to" Ukraine passes through one of these ports. All of them are equipped with modern customs complexes provided with all the necessary means of infrastructure for operational cargo handling. This condition allows achieving the high level of customs service. 



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International container shipping

Container shipping is the transportation of goods over long distances in a removable metal containers. Typically, this type of transportation is carried out in several stages and used for various transport types (ships, cars ...