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Road transportation

Demand for road transportation is constantly growing. At present time, the transportation of goods by road is one of the most popular ways of cargo transportation in the world.

The main reason for such popularity of this type of cargo delivery is first of all implementation of speed of delivery from one point to another.

Due to variety of modern commercial vehicles it’s also able to completely resolve any difficulties with the choice of the necessary and appropriate car.

It is possible to choose the car depending on the specific cargo characteristics - its size, weight and other factors. In addition to carrying capacity and tonnage of the body, trucks are also differ in the way of goods loading.

LLC "UkraMarin" provides car transportation of your cargo at the highest level. Actually, there are no boundaries for us overland, so even if you are interested in international road transport, our company is at your service.

International cargo transportation by car is much faster way to transport anything, rather than, for example, transportation by rail. Our company also provides an opportunity to deliver your cargoes "door to door".

It should be noted a number of advantages that beneficially distinct motor trucking from other transportation ways:


First of all, the universality of road transportation is possibility of delivery of a wide variety of cargoes - from solid to bulk, from liquid to gaseous. For proper transportation is only needed to choose the right kind of cargo trailer.


Transportation speed, which is achieved by using road transport incomparable the railway or the waterway transport. This is especially significant when you need to carry loads that have quite a limited shelf life (most often it’s food).

The possibility of complex route organization

Road transport allows delivery of cargoes on several addresses at once, which implies the possibility for planning of structurally complex routes. Lorries en route can visit a few cities, carrying out unloading of one cargo and loading of another. Routes, planned in this way, are much more effective.

During the road transportation of cargo you should also consider some important aspects. For example, if you plan to transport goods with increased value, we should not forget about the special maintenance and protection of cargo in transit.

If you plan international carriage of any bulky or heavy cargoes, most often it’s better to carry such loads transportation by railway or sea.

But even in such cases, road transportation is used to deliver cargo to the place of dispatch or in cases when there is required delivery "from door to door" for transportation. Even hazardous or consolidated cargoes can be delivered with the help of trucks to the place of further loading perfectly safe, efficiently and accurately..

We have an opportunity to proudly say that our company takes really worthy positions in the market of road freight transport. These positions are supported by efficient and productive job of our employees, careful observation and analysis of all the changes in the market, as well as the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers.

We take particular care in the preparation of our experts, so that they could provide our customers with useful and relevant information and also build work with our many partners in the right way to achieve a high level of transport and logistics services.

Our dispatchers will provide you with all the necessary information about the proposed scheme of delivery of your cargoes. They also will pick the right car transport, depending on the type of cargo. When your load will be on the way, our dispatchers will also timely notify you about its location at any time of transportation.

Our main goal is the maximum satisfaction of our customers with high level of our service.