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Characteristics and classification of dangerous goods

This section provides information to your attention about the danger of each class, their physical and chemical properties, types, and the risk degree during transportation of dangerous goods. According to the classification of dangerous goods they are divided into sub-classes, categories and groups.


Warehousing services

LLC "UkraMarin" provides warehousing(warehouse) services, service of consolidation and storage of cargoes, as well as cargo processing if it’s needed and their further sending.

The need for storage service ordering is an important component of the whole chain of cargo transportation for our customers, so we pay due attention to this issue.

Available storage premises may be involved to consolidate small consignment, as well as in cases when handling of packaged cargoes is necessary.

Ordering of warehouse services in LLC "UkraMarin" will be especially beneficial to all who is engaged in the import of goods to the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. However, we provide cargo consolidation and logistics services in many warehouses of Europe and China also.

Intra-port forwarding

Structural subdivision of LLC "UkraMarin", which is responsible for the provision of forwarding services, is the first link, which started the existence of our company. It was the foundation upon which all further development and expansion were built.

Currently our team works with both key seaports of the region - in Odessa and Ilyichevsk. Our experienced specialists of forwarding services departments ensure execution of all necessary documents for such cases:

  • support cargo transshipment onto trucks;
  • the need for certification of imported goods;
  • rapid and successful completion of all existing formalities established by customs, quarantine, veterinary and environmental requirements;

Customs clearance of cargoes

Сustoms clearance means the set of actions that are necessary for the successful goods movement across border.

The consequences of improper or untimely customs clearance can be severe - from the imposition of penalties ending with the arrest or detention, followed by goods confiscation.


Transportation of outsized cargoes

LLC "UkraMarin" provides transportation services for all possible types of cargo, including also outsized and heavy loads.

Oversized or outsized is the cargo which exceeds the generally accepted norms and standards established for the goods transportation. Transportation of oversized cargo is a very time-consuming and often expensive task.

But our company takes on the bulk of your trouble, due to transportation of oversized cargo, and also helps you making transportation the most profitable and efficient.